Security Blog, Winter 2017

What a great year we’ve had with all of the wonderful businesses that have become friends with CODE! We present you with this article for the purpose of providing full disclosure about the recent security patches, fixes and other upgrades we’ve made in order to improve your user experience. We’d like to start by pointing out that we’ve moved our entire infrastructure into a new […]

Voice Technology and Cars – The Next Generation

The technological revolution has advanced yet another step with the latest announcement from Ford and Amazon Inc. While voice technology is not a new invention, the latest collaboration between Ford and Alexa from Amazon take voice technology and take it to a whole new level.   Ford has announced that later on this year, they will be incorporating Alexa from Amazon into their new vehicles. […]

The “Dirty Cow” Vulnerability

Recently we’ve been hearing a bunch of noise in the hosting world in regards to the “Dirty Cow” vulnerability which allows a non-root user to escalate their privileges on your server and do anything and everything you probably cannot afford to have happen to your precious clientele base. In this article, we will cover exactly what “Dirty Cow” is and how to defend yourself against […]

The Newbie’s Guide To Website Optimization

Website Optimization A task that many are familiar with the concept of, is actually a difficult and almost lost artistry among today’s industry. Typically one will receive offers in regards to website optimization and SEO enhancement via spam emails to your newly purchased domain that lead you to believe that this is a very time consuming and even expensive task by nature. Well, in this […]

Join our affiliate program and earn 30% for each account!

Affiliate marketing has never been so amazing when working with MyCODEHost LLC. We offer 30% of each sale you bring to our company which can be paid out by direct deposit, paypal or bitcoin. We agree, making sales and building a presence using the internet primarily can be costly and therefore we offer many flexible affiliate marketing options not only for the purpose of gaining […]

Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Is Modern Life In The Hosting Industry As you may know, many servers around the world have recently become plagued by all sorts of attacks including but not limited to DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service), eBury Rootkits, man in the middle attacks, symlink race condition exploits and malware. We find that most accounts that become hacked from web hosting accounts to TeamViewer […]

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