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What you should know about us

We offer a wide variety of services exclusively to our clients, all of which can be topped off with both System Administration Management and Development Management packages that ensure your services will be handled in full by our team so that you can focus on growing your business while we put our state of the art skills toward providing you with a solid web application with 99.9% uptime guaranteed!

With most providers and developers you are limited only to a standard set of instruments and/or choices that essentially create a box that you must place all of your ideas inside of.

But not with us because we offer:

  • Fully custom and managed business solutions
  • The ability to scale your web application to your needs
  • Non-standard purchase options, tell us what you want and get a quote

How Do We Do It?

Well here at MyCODEHost LLC., we believe in giving you the room you need to remain as creative as possible by not placing you within that standard box, you’re able to customize nearly anything about your account ranging from server specifications, supported technologies and applications

all the way to security measures and billing dates that suit your budget so that you can really get things rolling and become a successful entrepreneur and/or enthusiast.

So in short:

  • Custom Dedicated, Cloud, Container, Billing and Security Measures.
  • A team that listens to each of our client's individual needs.
  • A resulting product that perfectly expresses the values of the client.


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